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    Need assistance with retailer programs? We can tailor a course to meet your supplier requirements.

    ICS provides expert training for Woolworths, Coles, Aldi, Metcash and Costco. We are more than able to help train for and implement retailer programs, including bespoke courses that would suit your supplier needs, combining any retailer standards you may require.

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Integrity Compliance Solutions (ICS) was formed in 2013 to meet an identified need in the Australasian market to deliver specialist supply chain consulting, training and solutions in agri-food safety and security.

As a result we have established a company made up of industry specialists and a network of affiliations to provide innovative, professional solutions.

With the increase in the world’s population and the acceleration of globalisation, it has become clear that the safety, security and transparency of our food supply must be safeguarded. For today’s businesses, managing the supply chain is essential for managing reputational risk.

Our philosophy is integrity, trust and transparency. We are passionate about assisting food producers, manufacturers, services, retailers, logistics and storage providers, wholesalers and exporters to achieve their objectives and protect their brand.

Our range of solutions can be structured to your specific needs and help you address key food safety, security, quality, traceability and management concerns.

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Alive and Interesting

“I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the training and I think that went for everyone - judging by the comments I heard from the rest of the team. Your presentation style and appropriate use of humour certainly kept the sessions alive and interesting. I would wholeheartedly recommend this refresher training session to others.”

Pete Siddall, Quality Manager

Sanitarium Auckland

(attended HACCP Refresher by Margaret Balfour)


Flexible Modules, Successful Training

Having a completely new operational QA team start at SFM last year it became important to rapidly upskill these new staff members in relevant technical, HACCP and Quality Management aspects. Not just sufficient to carry out their operational QA roles but also to give them the skills and confidence to troubleshoot problems and to deputise for more senior Technical staff when those senior staff are away from the office.

Putting the relevant staff through these accelerated Quality Management training modules run by ICS has made this possible. ICS have been very flexible to offer modules at times/dates to suit our operational requirements and the whole process has been a success.

The newly trained operational QA staff have already been tested in real world situations and demonstrated that they can hold their own based on the skills and knowledge that they have gained.

Mark Boulter, Technical and Sustainability Manager

Sydney Fish Market

(attended Effective Root Cause Analysis & Quality Systems Management with Clare Winkel)

VERY Interesting and Informative

"Wow Clare Winkel surprised us all at the WINSC 2016 Conference by revealing food fraud and supply chain vulnerabilities even in Australia. Read those labels and watch out for fake labelling.

VERY Interesting and informative as always. Oh what a girl.

Great to see you at the WINSC conference the other day, your presentation was so interesting that I haven’t stop talking to people about food fraud!"

Various Members

The WINSC 2016 Conference feedback

(attended Supply Chain Vulnerability with Clare Winkel)

I learnt so much

"Thank you again for your time, I learnt so much!"

Chloe Bozic

Goodman Fielder Burleigh Heads Qld

(attended Internal auditors course with Clare Winkel)

Knowledgeable and prepared

"Hi Clare. Having worked with you for such a long time as a client I am absolutely certain the students came away more knowledgeable and prepared than they had ever expected. Having the depth of knowledge you are so able to apply a real experience to any situation. It makes it so real. Congratulations!"

Scott Eastwood


(attended Internal auditors course with Clare Winkel)

Inspired By Your Knowledge

"I loved your presentations and was inspired by your body of knowledge in the subject. Thanks so much for your dedication in the field and keeping us all informed. I was able to talk to you for a moment during breaks and would love to connect more and maybe collaborate on something in the future."

Alicia Davis

NOAA Federal

(attended PFT 2017 Conference with Clare Winkel)

Helpful Role Play Assessment

"Thanks so much for your assistance and sharing your experience. I will take on board outcomes brought to my attention during the role play assessment."

Sharon Hamill, Team Manager

Goodman Fielder Burleigh Heads Qld

(attended Internal auditors course with Clare Winkel)

A positive audit experience

"Once again thank you again for a fantastic training experience. Yesterday was the second BRC training course I have completed with yourself as a BRC auditor and issue changes.  I have been a BRC auditor for a number of years and completed a number of issues changes/trainings over that time.  I have found your training to be very thorough and comprehensive and I always learn something new and have applied your training information within my audits.

I was going into BRC issue 7 with let’s say less than positive attitude and feeling daunted until I attended your BRC training last year.  You were able to provide me with skills to complete BRC audits and reports in a far more productive manner giving myself and my clients a positive audit experience.  Thank you - I now really enjoy BRC audits and the feedback I receive from clients is they feel that they are having a valued audit (regardless of outcome).  I look forward to completing further training with you in the future"

Bridgette Lewis, BRC Auditor

SGS New Zealand

(attended BRC Food Lead Auditor 2016 and BRC S&D Issue 3 Jan 2017 with Margaret Balfour)

Useful HACCP Training

Thank you very much Clare. At work we had a HACCP issue this week and with my colleague and the senior manager being away on holidays, I have had to assess all aspects of the issue and food safety risk by myself for the first time!!

Thanks for everything you had taught us, as I have now had to use all of it 🙂

Felipe Henriquez

Sydney Fish Market

(attended HACCP Application with Clare Winkel)

Educational and Beneficial

"Stephen and I found the VACCP Program we attended recently very educational and beneficial."

Dinh Chung, Quality Manager

Monde Nissin Australia

(attended VACCP workshop with Clare Winkel)

Impressive Calibre and Content

"I was most impressed by the calibre and content of your presentation at the WINSC conference in 2016 and I think this would be of great interest to our NZ seafood industry."

Donna Wells, WINSC Member


(attended Supply Chain Vulnerability with Clare Winkel)

Great Examples and Real Life Experiences

"I recently completed BRC Training with ICS and found it to be fantastic. Being BRC training, the course material was pre-determined, but the delivery of the program by the trainer Clare Winkel was delivered in an easy going manner, with great examples and real life experiences. The central Melbourne location was great and the venue was excellent. I would highly recommend ICS for your training needs".

Fiona Grime, Technical and Certification Manager

(attended BRC Lead Auditors course with Clare Winkel)

Scary Food Fraud Stories

"Thank you Clare, I enjoyed both of your presentations and shared some of the scarier food fraud stories with friends and colleagues."

Matt Sroka

Ozone International LLC

(attended PFT 2017 Conference with Clare Winkel)