ICS Services and Solutions

Supplier & Certification Management 
Learning & Mentoring           
 Risk and Compliance
 Scheme Management  


Supply Chain  & System Consulting

•Contract Auditing

•Industry Sector/Auditing Expertise

•Supply Chain Audits

•Supplier management tools

•Retail and 2nd party auditing

•Internal audits

•Lead Auditor training

•Ethical Standards Compliance

•Supply Chain Trace Checks

•PIF reviews

Ecert mobile auditing platform

Food Supply Chain Training including:


•Root Cause


•Allergen Management

•Internal Auditor

•Labelling and legislation training

•Retailer Standards

Approved Training Provider for:


•Gluten Free (ATP)

Allergen Bureau

We development & design training and assessment material to meet client specific competencies

Practical solutions tailored to your needs

•Food Integrity & Process Analysis Consulting

•In House System Development and Resourcing

•Raw Ingredient Management (Food Fraud & Allergen Claims)

•Vulnerability, Threat, Security and Hazard assessments  –      VACCP, TACCP & HACCP Plans

•Food Label Compliance and Assistance

•Factory Design & Development Assistance

•Product Specification and Development

•Recall Management

•Environmental Monitoring Programs

•Approved Supplier Reviews & Controls

•Site Security reviews

•Research and Consultancy

•Standard Development & Review

•Assistance with regulation, interpretation and application

•Auditor calibration and training

•Audit program management

•ICS SAAS -Software as a Service

•Design of training programs & Assessment


BRC & SQF Special Industry codes

Auditing for:

•MacDonalds; Aldi; Cosco


•Woolworths High Care/High Risk

BRC Lead Auditor Course

Virtual classrooms

Online course

•In-house courses

•Public Courses

Avetmiss approved

HorizonScan Service

•Online Training

•In-house training

•Public Training

•ZUBI software

•Risk Analysis Tools

•Ecert – (Certification Body Independent Audit Platform)

•Industry Facilitation workshops

•Pilot Audits