HorizonScan – Global Food Integrity and Risk System

HorizonScan monitors commodity safety and integrity issues worldwide, collecting data daily from more than 100 food safety agencies and other reliable sources, delivering timely alerts on emerging food safety issues, such as fraud, authenticity concerns, pesticides/veterinary drug residues, environmental contaminants, microbiological problems, allergens and more.  It can help you meet all consumer and regulatory demands for transparency and accountability across the ingredient supply chain, by identifying potential food safety threats before they become a problem. 

HorizonScan is the most comprehensive global raw ingredient management platform that facilitates supply chain traceability and transparency since 1999.

HorizonScan Features:

  • provides daily monitoring of emerging, new and novel issues in the commodities you use, wherever you might source them
  • you will receive regular email alerts related specifically to your commodity interests so no need to look every day if time is of the essence
  • searchable summary of all problems in individual commodities at an international level
  • supply your technical team with the information they need for their raw material assessments (food fraud, food safety & allergens) required for all GFSI and many retailer standards
  • enable you to conduct top line investigations into complex international supply chains and be alerted to issues promptly
    search for new supplier companies internationally
  • official sites of 63 countries with over 90 independent sources scanned daily
  • links to original data sources
  • historical database of known supplier problems
  • detailed breakdown of fraud and authenticity issues pre-dating horsegate by several years

HorizonScan Global Food Risk Monitoring Software Overview from Ron Stakland on Vimeo.

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