Food Integrity Consulting

We can assist for example with:

  • Private Standards Development
  • System Development (HACCP Systems and Plans)
  • Technical Research (Industry Specific Hazards)
  • Risk Assessments
  • System Implementation Support
  • Upgrades to New Standards
  • Approved Suppliers and PIF Reviews
  • Reviewing Laboratory Results
  • GMP and Bag Audits
  • Allergen Controls
  • Labelling and Packaging Assessments
  • Supply Chain Trace Checks
  • Security Assessments
  • Resources to assist with Internal Improvement Projects
Our team specialize in the areas of food safety, quality management, risk assessment methodologies (HACCP, VACCP & TACCP) and ethical practices.

Our team doesn’t just train and audit, we also undertake private tailored onsite consulting & systems development work.  We will guide your staff and work with your whole team through each stage of the implementation process.  No job is too small or too large for ICS.

The first step is usually a gap audit against the relevant standard/regulations.  These can be for GFSI Food Safety Management systems (BRC, SQF… ect) or retailer specific standards.  Our team can also undertake gap assessments against parts of a standard like supply chain assessment in VACCP & TACCP, site security and GMP compliance on the production floor.

The gap assessment report gives guidance to the next step of documentation development and staff training requirements.  Both of these steps will be designed to meet your exact requirements onsite.  This ensures that the business develops a food safety culture & the staff from the production floor to top management will be engaged in the implementation process.  The company as a whole, will be empowered by the injection of new skills and knowledge.

Ongoing technical support is available for verification activities like internal audits, management reviews, mock recalls, incident management and the implementation of effective corrective actions.

Technical advisors

Our team of technical advisors are specialists in the implementation and reviewing of food safety, quality management and ethical standards.  We can develop and implement every aspect of your new requirements or only specific components:

  • Risk assessment (VITAL, food safety, product quality, supply chain vulnerability, brand threats & site security).
  • HACCP plan development & implementation support.
  • Quality management procedure and work instruction development.
  • Identity preservation and traceability throughout the supply chain.
  • Labelling and packaging assessments.
  • Approved supplier & PIF reviews.
  • Lab result reviews.
  • Foreign body controls & bag audits.
  • Allergen controls.